We at cxlence.com.au have been working in the area of customer experience enhancement & management and are passionate about helping organisations improve on this critically important area. In Australia we perceived a real need for an independent and objective measure of benchmarking organisations with their peers within sectors and across sectors – on what essentially matters to end customers, i.e. end customer satisfaction. And hence we have developed and are introducing ACSI ( Aust), in partnership with one of the most respected organisations in this space globally – American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).


Helping the Australian organisations mature and & consumers know about the relative capability of organisations to provide a superior customer satisfaction, by bench marking cross industry structure and eventually across most sectors of the Australian Economy.


The Australian customer satisfaction index (ACSI) will use the proprietary and globally most respected methodology of American Customer Satisfaction Index(ACSI). The partnership and ongoing collaboration between CXlence, Quantum and ACSI will ensure that the objectivity and credibility of this indexed benchmarking is as credible in Australia, as it is globally.

  • Using the ACSI methodology which is scientifically and academically validated by two decades of research and experience to benchmark organisations providing a superior customer experience via customer perception & feedback.
  • Organisations in different industry segments/sectors will be in a position to compare via bench marking across cross industry structure.
  • Helping organisations to enhance service delivery & end customer experience and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness of Australian businesses, Government Departments, our economy and society.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement index scores are known in most equity markets to be one of the lead indicators of future financial performance and profitability, growth of an organisation or brand.

Customer satisfaction Index for measuring and ranking of customer satisfaction exist in most mature markets, but in Australia such an index is the first of its kind. The index is far more sophisticated than net promoter scores, and the cross sector benchmarking against an organisation's peers is unique

If the goal is to help organisations and end consumers, improve & realise superior end customer satisfaction, then we first need to measure what we want to improve - and The ACSI will be an objective and independent indexed measurement for organisations across private and public sectors in Australia.

Hence, The ACSI will significantly benefit organisations, consumers & society at large in Australia and is expected to contribute to further transforming and maturing the Australia economy.

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