ACSI unveils the Customer Satisfaction Industry Benchmarking Report; Highlighting the Score of all CX reported sectors in the US economy.

This first-of-its-kind report used ACSI methodology to measure end customer satisfaction

The research was conducted over 12 months across the country

The report used ACSI methodology to successfully measure customer satisfaction and related consumer perceptions within the most important sectors in the USA.

ACSI analysed customer data that was collected in the last months of financial year. It measured customer’s cumulative satisfaction based on their anticipation of the quality of goods and services. The nationwide research on Customer Satisfaction by sector are reported as follows:

Industry Names
Consumer Shipping and Mail
Energy Utilities
Finance and Insurance
Health Care
Telecommunications and Information

The American customer satisfaction Index, ACSI is the only national cross- industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. Its methodology efficiently uses econometric modelling to deduce scores for individual companies along with details of impact of different variables on overall Customer Satisfaction.

Dr Forrest Morgeson III, Director Research of American Customer Satisfaction Index based at Ann Arbour, Michigan looks forward to the launch of Benchmarking scores for Australian organisations and Government Departments.

“We are pleased to launch the Australian Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) benchmarking Scores for organisations in Australia. ACSI will help organisations in AUSTRALIA to improve thus enhancing the Customer/Citizen Satisfaction. This important Customer Satisfaction benchmarking index will help AUSTRALIA to join the ranks of other countries to mature and improve through citizen satisfaction.”

About Australian Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI):

The Australian customer satisfaction index(ACSI) is being introduced and launched by CXLence Pty Ltd, in conjuction with our research and analytics partners at Quantum Research.

All of which is based on a partnership with the globally respected US based organisation American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI,

The index is being launched in Australia under the copyrighted brand – Australian Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) by American Customer satisfaction Index (ACSI)

The customer satisfaction index will benchmark organisations on the basis of customer satisfaction feedback completed through surveys and analysis done by CXLence, Quantum and of course the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) which operates a similar index in the US and also has licensed the same in many countries around the world.

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