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In today’s competitive business environment there is little to distinguish between the top brands in terms of their products and services. In terms of technology and pricing, most of the leading businesses in the market stand at par. So what is it that separates the top businesses that enjoy sizable market share? Or in other words how can a brand distinguish itself from its competition? It all boils down to the customer experience or the perception that is built around a business. Today an average person does detailed research about a brand on the Internet to know its reviews and ratings before becoming its loyal customer. Hence if there is one parameter that can propel your business to greater heights it surely is Customer Experience.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has for long been seen as one of the most potent tools to judge the value of a brand and its reputation among customers. The same index is coming to Australia for the very first time in the inaugural Customer Experience Awards. Come April 18th every major business in Australia would have its focus on Sofitel Hotel, Collins Place Melbourne the venue for these awards. At CXlence we are proud to bring these awards to the Australian shores for the very first time and would start a new chapter how Australian businesses are rated by their customers. Interest in this event won’t just be restricted within Australia alone as global businesses with an aim to enter the market Down Under would keep a close watch on these awards.

The launch of Australian Customer Satisfaction Index 2018will see the best brands across several industries compete against each other to emerge leaders in their respective verticals. The response to this event has been overwhelming in the last few weeks as the number of enquiries we have received has not only met our expectations but exceeded them on many counts. The seats at the events are fast filling and it would be a warm atmosphere at the venue to have some of Australia’s leading business magnets share the table with energetic start-ups. We are sure many new ideas would be shared across these tables and new business contacts made.

At CXlence we as a team are proud to bring advanced methodologies for measuring customer satisfaction for the very first time to Australian shores. Businesses would be rated on fair and tangible parameters which offer actionable intelligence on ways to improve upon their customer satisfaction levels. This index draws signals from various quarters that include everything from Customer Expectations to Perceived Value, Complaints to finally Customer Satisfaction. There would be no losers as every business would walk away with knowledge that would let them come back next year with better customer ratings.

If your business is one that values customer satisfaction and believe you tick all the boxes to win these awards spread across various business category you should be a part of the event. There is a lot on offer apart from the two-course food and the finest of wines. Leading customer experience experts would share their experience and throw light on how ordinary businesses can scale up the ladder and become the most sought after brands in the country. The panel would have the likes of Australia’s most revered customer experience speaker Martin Grunstein and Dr. Forrest Morgeson who is Director of Research and Global CSI Manager at The American Customer Satisfaction Index.

It isn’t just the award function that you should look forward to but the enriching knowledge and information that is on offer at the event. All roads lead to Sofitel Hotel on April 18 and we at CXlence would be proud to have you in our company.

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