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“The American Customer Satisfaction Index, is the definitive benchmark of how buyers feel about what business is selling them….”

New York Times, August 8th 2004

Established in 1994, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is the only standardized measure of Customer Satisfaction in the US economy, covering 300 companies in 45 industries.

The ACSI model is embedded in a system of cause and effect relationships,that use latent variables and algorithms to measure satisfaction precisely and accurately. Companies are given an index score out of 100, and importantly can now compare their Customer Experience score across all industries, not just their traditional industry rivals.

The reason the ACSI index score is so important, is that it has been proven in the US that there is a direct correlation between Stock Prices and ACSI scores. Costco, Netflix, Apple to name a few, have been through this process and validated the data.

Recently a group of Australian thought leaders in the CX industry, purchased the license to operate the Australian Customer Satisfaction Index. For the first time, Australian business will be able to access 25 years of the world’s best CX data from 25 countries world-wide.

Richard Prowse, former Executive Director of CSIA and President of the Australian Customer Service Association, and new owner of the ACSI license said this week:

‘We are very proud and excited to be launching the American Customer Satisfaction Index in Australia. This will herald the dawn of a new era, where Australian businesses are able to benchmark themselves against the world’s best Customer Service Organisations. In commoditized digital world, the only true measure of corporate success, is the measure of your Customer’s Experience”

The ACSI launches at a Lunch on Wednesday 18th April at the Sofitel Hotel in Collins St Melbourne. The launch will be made by Dr Forrest Morgenson Director of Research and Global CSI Manager, American Customer Satisfaction Index, Chicago, Michigan. Enquiries please contact Mr Richard Prowse at Mob: 0410 349 978

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